Status Entry 2022
Headquarters Sint-Niklaas
Industry Engineering
Contact Alain Grillaert, Walter Beyen

Koen Thomas, CEO

“Our company consists of a group of talented and committed people, united by a common vision and strong culture, who together write our story. We are very excited to welcome Vectis Private Equity as an investor. With Vectis, we are obtaining an experienced and strong partner who can guide and support us on our future growth trajectory”

Company profile

SBE, with its headquarters in Sint-Niklaas, is a second-generation family business that is active as an engineering and consultancy firm. The company was founded in 1988 by Rik Thomas and is currently run by his sons Koen and Jan Thomas.

With offices in Belgium (Sint-Niklaas and Namur), the Netherlands and Spain, SBE today employs about 200 people. The company is specialised and reputable in hydraulic engineering (including ports, locks, quay walls and terminals) and civil engineering (tunnels, bridges, roads & sewers). It is also active in urbanism and landscape, electromechanical installations and industrial constructions.